Artisan masonry
Modular design
Hassle-free install
Materializing your unique vision, stone by stone.
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Artisan Masonry
Classic craftsmanship
Modular Design
We pre-build pieces for quick and easy assembly.
Classic craftsmanship
Step 1: Consultation
During the initial consultation we will discuss your vision for the project and establish if CHC is a good fit for helping you bring it to fruition.
Step 2: Formulation
Next, we will create a game plan for your project. This includes finalizing the design, selecting the appropriate materials, and determining an optimal time line for its completion.
Step 3: Prefabrication
Then, we will create molds and pre-build all modular aspects of the design to help reduce cost and minimize the time required for on-site construction.
Step 4: Installation
Finally, our team will arrive on site to assemble the modular stonework, execute on all finishing work, and conduct a final walk-through with you upon completion of your project.
A Stone's Throw
At CHC, we're committed to serving our local community. Thus, we're currently only taking on new projects in central and eastern Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and northeast Rhode Island.

If you live in the area and are in need of custom stonework, send us a note and let's set up a call to discuss your project!

Oh, and we're open to bartering! We understand that custom stonework can be costly, so if you have a skill or item that you think may be of use to us, please don't hesitate to make us an offer.
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