Dan's Journey
If I had told the 15-year old version of myself that he would spend the next 30 years of his life refining his skills as a mason, I’m sure it would not have gone well. However, what was seemingly of non-interest in the beginning has grown to become one of the driving passions of my life.

Over the past three decades I have worked with many prestigious organizations helping them with everything from basic brickwork to designer builds. During these jobs, I not only gained experience, but also learned to refine my process.

Now, I am taking these learnings and combining them with my passion for creative artistry to launch my new business, Carriage House Creations.

Although not directly related to masonry, the Carriage House has become our symbol for pristine workmanship, a trademark of the structures of the past and something that I’ve noticed is often missing from modern builds. It also happens to be my workshop, so I’m surrounded by the same craftsmanship that has served to inspire me to take this next step in my journey.
Our Mission
At Carriage House Creations (CHC), we aim to bring back the artisan craftsmanship that was so prevalent in the masonry of the past. Moreover, we hope to do so at a cost that is much more affordable than would otherwise be possible. This is due to our adoption of many of the best practices used by the modular home industry. In doing so, we can execute on most of the custom builds off-site. This not only reduces the overall cost for both parties, but it also ensures that your home will not become a war-zone of construction any longer than otherwise necessary; a true miracle considering how projects are typically completed.

In short, we help you:
Reduce the cost of your custom stonework
Shorten the projected timelines
Lessen the hassle of onsite construction
Materializing your unique vision, stone by stone.
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Artisan Masonry
Classic craftsmanship
Modular Design
We pre-build pieces for quick and easy assembly.
Classic craftsmanship